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We work together, from concept to final edit. We are a collective of highly creative experts and friends dedicated to creating the most effective communications for

our clients that help them succeed in realizing their brand vision. 


With a passion for all things creative, I began my career 26 years ago as a packaging designer. Always searching for an original approach and a different way of looking at things. I continued to expand my creative pursuits in art direction, branding and strategy at Denver’s top Advertising and Design agencies.

I realized 15 years ago I wanted to pursue my internal need to do work that aligned with my core values, to do better in the world. I took a break form agency life, sold my house and all I owned so that I could travel around the world. After traveling through 10 countries, it was in South Africa I found the sense of purpose I was looking for as well as discovering a talent for film making.

For three months I volunteered at a shelter for mothers and children with HIV called Nkosis’ Haven located in Johannesburg. Doing odds and ends like fixing broken floors, helping the kids with their homework and helping cook meals I decided I wanted to film a documentary about the lives of the people created and lived at the shelter. I bought a camera and started filming.  After six years of traveling back and forth to South Africa It culminated in my first feature length Documentary “Into the Haven.”

Since then it has been my mission to become a better storyteller and filmmaker while working with clients that are socially conscious, doing work to create a better world. Today I produce videos for commercial clients as well as working with entrepreneurs with similar desires to create good in the world.

So yeah, that’s how Purpose & Flow started.


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